The Humanity Beacon Project

Commentary on the evolution of humanity and technology.

The Game of the Millenium

The rally cry of tech companies is "Change the World", but what will be the cost? Tech giants, venture capitalists and governments are all jockeying for position in the race to stake a claim on the future. With enormous wealth, power and influence at stake for the winners, it's no wonder investors are crowding in. There is plenty of lip service being paid to the benevolence to humanity that technology will bring, but will the benefits flood mankind with prosperity or will access to the benefits be on a cash basis for those who can afford it? Will technology bring us together or become the new differentiator of the haves and have nots?

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Imagine the possibilites...

What is the Humanity Beacon? Is it a spaceship? Let your imagination explore a future where science and technology have created possibilities for preserving our legacy for billions of years. Will the beacon be a planet sized endeavor launched into the cosmos powered by an as yet unthought of propulsion systems or will it be pulse of energy projected in all directions at the speed of light. Will it need to be inter-dimensional? Will it be launched by people or the machines that survive us? How will we protect the integrity of the message from being hijacked by other alien or artificial intelligences? And finally, what will the message of the beacon, possibly the last thing Humanity will say to anyone or thing out there, be?